Morris and Watson are Australasia’s largest producer of machine made chain and our chain manufacturing division has been servicing the jewellery industry since 1996.

Our highly trained staff regularly attend international trade fairs to keep abreast of the latest machinery and manufacturing processes. In addition to this is our commitment to supply customers with a top quality product and service that we stand by.

All Morris and Watson alloys are assay tested before being sent into production to ensure they meet our high quality standards and are of correct carat.

Morris and Watson have minimum buying requirements. Please refer to the
wholesalers directory if you are unable to meet the following minimums.

  • Minimum Gold requirement – 150 grams in one style/size of chain
  • Minimum Silver requirement – 1 kilo in one style/size of chain


Chain Anchor
Chain Belcher
Chain Brill
Chain Cable
Chain Curb
Chain Figaro
Chain SingaporeTwist
Chain Snake